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Our Philosophy

– Pursuit of “The Answer” –

Photo: Haruo Okada

Our aspiration to a fusion of science and humanities reflects my own shift from science to humanities before I established this law firm.

It is generally thought that there is always a right answer to questions of natural science but not to questions of law. It is certainly true that there is not always a correct answer to questions of abstract legal theory. Mysteriously however, where more concrete legal problems are concerned, the combination of facts, background, evidence, client’s request, the circumstances of the opposing party and the judge, ethics, and all related information, when subject to thorough analysis and debate, will in most cases lead to “The Answer”: a single unique solution that is one hundred percent correct.

In most cases, “The Answer” is reached through detailed discussion by a team of lawyers who, without any preconceptions as to the outcome, engage in a process of brainstorming ideas so as to settle on a strategy and decide on the approach to all crucial issues. The legal team must then refine the approach so as to analyse from the standpoints of the judge, the opposing party, who must be persuaded at each stage. Through this comprehensive process a strategy reveals itself that is the best, bespoke strategy in the individual case.

The point at which “The Answer” is reached is exhilarating, akin to being suddenly rewarded with a 360-degree panoramic view at the end of an arduous mountain ascent through dense forest. The lawyers in my firm experience this thrill of finding “The Answer” as part of their daily practice. It is the source of our passion for the job, it heightens our motivation to grapple with each new case and is ultimately the energy that drives our ability to consistently provide the highest quality legal services.

Our firm has honoured this philosophy since its establishment over 30 years ago.

Our Specialist Fields of Practice

Our legal practice focuses on matters relating to domestic and foreign intellectual property as well as international legal services, usually combining intellectual property and transnational liaison elements.

As the firm’s principal, I lead a team of lawyers with diverse academic backgrounds in science and other fields as well as many years of industry experience. We utilize such knowledge and experience in our handling of all kinds of cases involving technical elements such as product liability and defective goods claims, pollution cases, and so on.

In all of these fields we propose a legal strategy that serves the client’s business needs as well as a business strategy that takes account of legal analysis, so as to provide comprehensive advice from all defensive and strategic legal angles.

Many of our firm’s lawyers have overseas study experience and a proven track record in a range of international litigation and arbitration matters, including many cases in which our lawyers have played a lead role.

Additionally, reflecting my resolve to never lose the original spirit in which I first started out to establish this firm, we value not only corporations but also individuals, whom we represent in a range of civil matters such as family/succession law and guardianship cases.

Haruo Okada,
H. Okada International Law Offices
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Our Major Clients

Manufacturers (of a diverse range of products, including medical instruments, electronic components, automobiles, agricultural machinery, engines, construction machinery, coffee-related business, home electrical products, bicycle parts, fishing tools, sporting goods, dust collectors, automation equipment, pharmaceutical products, industrial machinery, devices, information communication systems, LED technology, kitchen products, etc.), general trading companies, professional baseball league, office building operations, hotel industry, medical corporations, credit companies, universities, IP managements bodies, religious entities, fashion apparel industry, and many more.