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Website Policy

Please read the following site policy before using this website. This site policy should be read in conjunction with the privacy policy and disclaimers. Use of this website indicates your acceptance of the following terms.

1. Copyright etc.

The copyright and other authorship rights for the content provided by this website revert to H. Okada International Law Offices or the individual content provider. Except as expressly permitted by the copyright laws of the relevant jurisdiction, any action in respect of such content which infringes copyright, such as reproduction, copying, making transmittable, adaptation, or modification (irrespective of whether gratis or for remuneration, and irrespective of the purpose of such action) is strictly prohibited without prior consent by H. Okada International Law Offices. If you wish to use content contained in this website, please contact us in advance by email, using the contact details provided at the end of this policy.

2. Link Policy

You may not link to this site without permission. If you wish to create a link to this site, please ask for permission by email, using the contact details provided at the end of this policy, clearly stating your name, address and preferred contact method, as well as the URL, outline and management organization (including name, address, representative and contact details) of the site on which the link will be posted and the purpose of the link. Links may only be made to the front page of this website, and we may withdraw permission to link to this site at our discretion. Granting permission to link to this website does not indicate a special relationship with the organization or individual posting the link, and we request that the website(s) on which a link is posted do not contain content which is likely to give a third party the misapprehension that such a special relationship exists.

3. Revisions

We reserve the right to revise this website’s URL, link structure, content, privacy policy, disclaimers, or this site policy without prior notice. If this site policy is revised, such revision shall, in general, apply retrospectively to the time of use. We appreciate your understanding.

4. Contact Information

Attn: H. Okada International Law Offices, Home Page Officer